The Protifast Diet : a rapid weight loss plan suitable for most people

The very low calorie diet, protein-rich diet is an approved method for rapid weight loss. This slimming diet is split into four phases, allowing you to lose weight at your own pace. The first stage involves consuming almost exclusively pure protein in the form of premium-grade, high-protein powderstoboost your absorption of essential amino acids and maintain muscle mass. You also need to take vitamin and mineral supplements. Some vegetables are allowed in unlimited quantities.

Weight loss on the protein diet starts with an active, or "attack", phase to kick start your weight loss, followed by a "cruise" phase with alternative proteins to continue losing weight quickly without feeling hungry or tired.Then there’s a "consolidation" phase for maintaining your optimum weight, and finally a "stabilisation" phase, which is essential for ensuring a healthy balanced diet and includes one designated pure protein day per week to avoid putting the weight back on again.

Protifast’s protein products guarantee you a source of protein with a high biological value and all the nutrients you need for this type of rapid weight loss, allowing you to maintain muscle mass and not just burn the wrong kind of fat. A sachet of our high-protein powder contains 18 grams of pure protein that can be fully absorbed by the body. A protein bar or waffle contains 15 grams of protein, and is a source of tryptophan, which is a precursor to serotonin.

When compared to traditional dieting methods, very low calorie diets have been proven to offer a more effective and rapid form of weight loss.