Protifast is a leading developer of high protein nutrition products.

The protein supplements include a variety of different tasting flavours. All our products contain high-quality protein. 
Protifast : 20 years of expertise for weight management and weight control. In addition, Protifast is an international brand creating protein dietary products, VLCD meal replacements and protein snacks.

All our products are available and delivered directly from our warehouse. We only sell high protein products that we believe are better taste and quality than our competitors.
Our web store is managed entirely in France by our Colisanté logistics platform at company headquarters in Saucats near Bordeaux.


Company name: Protifrance
Brand name: Protifast
Legal status: Simplified shareholder company
Company capital: €63,100
Director’s name, first name: Arquey Eric
Headquarters: ZA les pins verts
Postal code: 33650
City: Saucats
Country: France
Phone: 05 56 72 24 00
intra-community VAT: FR87394774020
Siret: 39477402000025
Company and trade register: Bordeaux
Registration: 25 April 1994