High Protein Omelette with Herbs

High Protein Omelette with Herbs

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Instant High Protein Omelette Mix with Herbs  
18 grams Protein / Calories: 112 / Sugars: 0.3 g / Low fat : 3.9 g
Serving Size: 1 packet (28 g). 7 Servings Per Box. Net weight: 196 g



Instant High Protein Omelette Mix with Herbs. 7 servings

The Protifast high protein and low-carb omelette is compatible with your weight loss program. Easy to prepare, you will enjoy this Omelette with Herbs who can be served with vegetables for a filling meal. Ready in 2 minutes and very convenient for your low carb diet with 18 grams of proteins.

Nutritional Information


Protein blend (white and whole egg powder, whey protein isolate (milk) ) ; salt ; thickener : sodium carboxymethylcellulose ; emulsifiers : mono and diglycerids, soy lecithin ; raising agents : sodium diphosphate, potassium and sodium bicarbonate, monocalcium phosphate, calcium sulphate ; pepper ; colours : beta carotene, turmeric ; flavours (milk) ; Herbs de Provence (1 %) ; parsley (0,1 %) ; anticaking agent : silicon dioxide.

Made in France.

Contains milk, egg and soy (see in bold). Manufactured in France on equipment that processes gluten, mustard, celery and sulfites.
Nutritional information 1 serving (28 g)
Energy values 112 (kcal)
Energy values 475 (kJ)
Fat  3.9 (g)
- of which saturated 1.3 (g)
Carbohydrate  1.1 (g)
- of which sugars 0.3 (g)
- of which starch  0.8 (g)
Fibre (g)  0.3 (g)
Protein 18 (g)
Salt 1.68 (g)
Calcium  47 (mg)

Essential Amino Acid Profile g/100g of protein : 

L-isoleucine 5.92
L-leucine 8.66
L-lysine 6.31
L-methionine + L-cystine 6.12
L-phenylalanine + L-tyrosine 10.09
L-threonine 4.56
L-tryptophan 1.53
L-valine 7.18
Histidine 2.30.

Score Europe: 143

Mixing Instructions

  1. Empty one packet into a bowl.

  2. Add slowly 80 to 100 ml of cold water while stirring with a whisk or a fork.

  3. Beat with the whisk or the fork until well dissolve. Add salt and pepper, herb and spices to your taste.

  4. Put a non-adhesive pan in to heat and humidify it with an oil drop.

  5. Put your mix into the hot pan and cook about 20 to 30 seconds as scrambled eggs or a regular omelet (you can put the lid on the pan during the last 10 seconds to leave the omelet to swell up).

  6. Consume in the 10 followings minutes.