Protifast Protein Pancake Mix

Protifast Protein Pancake Mix

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Instant High Protein Original Pancake Mix
18 grams premium Protein / Calories: 95 / Sugars: 0,9 g
Low sugars content (< 5 g / 100 g). Low fat
No added sugar, without intense sweetener.
7 Servings per Box. Net weight: 196 g


Pancake Mix for low calorie snack

High Protein Original Pancake Mix is ideal for those who are striving to increase daily protein intake, but don’t want the hassle of making pancakes from scratch. Generally used for breakfast, they can also be a tasty snack in between meals or as a nutritious dessert. You can add fruit, yoghurts or even Protifast spreads, like vanilla or chocolate pudding.

Contains as much protein as three large eggs for less than 100 calories. With 18 grams of premium protein per serving, Protifast pancake help you reducing your appetite while you are following a weight loss program. Easy to make, just add water ! A delicious, low carb and high protein pancake for a filling breakfast. 

Delicious, low-carb, Protifast protein pancake mix. For a filling breakfast they’re very tasty with lemon juice or a few fresh berries. Contains as much protein as three eggs for less than 100 calories and only about one sixth the amount of carbs compared to a regular pancake.

Nutritional Information


Milk proteins ; white egg powder ; wheat flour (gluten) ; vegetables fibres ; acidity correcting agent : potassium chloride ; raising agent : sodium diphosphate, sodium bicarbonate,monocalcic phosphate andcalcium sulphate ; flavours (milk) ; color : beta carotene ; sweetener : sucralose.

Made in France.

Contains milk, egg and gluten (see in bold). Manufactured on equipment that processes soy, mustard, celery and sulfites.
Nutritional information 100 g 1 serving (28 g)
Energy values 339 (g) 95 (kcal)
Energy values 1435 (g) 401 (kJ)
Fat  1.7 (g) 0.5 (g)
- saturated 1.0 (g) 0.3 (g)
Carbohydrate  13.8 (g) 3.9 (g)
- of which sugars 3.1 (g) 0.9 (g)
Fibre  5.5 (g) 1.5 (g)
Protein 64.3 (g) 18 (g)
Salt 0.61 (g) 0.45 (g)
Calcium 1000 (mg) 280 (mg)

Essential Amino Acid Profile  g/100g of Protein : 

L-isoleucine 5.19 
L-leucine 9.50
L-lysine 7.78 
L-methionine + L-cystine 4.36
L-phenylalanine + L-tyrosine 9.36
L-threonine 4.86
L-tryptophan 1.57
L-valine 6.42,
Histidine 3.59

Mixing Instructions

Empty one packet into a bowl.
Add slowly 100 to 110 ml of cold water while stirring with a whisk or a fork until well dissolve.
Let stand for 1 to 3 minutes.
Put a non-adhesive pan into heat and humidify it with an oil drop.
Pour your mix (or just half if you want 2 pancakes) into the hot pan and cook it over a fast heat on both sides during about 1 minute.
Consume in the 10 followings minutes.