High Protein Oatmeal with Hazelnut

High Protein Oatmeal with Hazelnut

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Protifast High Protein Porridge with Hazelnuts (7%)
Low Carbohydrate Product. Acceptable on VLCD Diet Plans
1 serving : 110 Calories - Just 0.7 g of Sugarss. 18 g of Protein
1 Box = 7 x 28 g Individual Servings



Instant High Protein Porridge with Hazelnut. Acceptable on VLCD. 7 servings.

This High Protein Oats (Porridge) with Hazelnuts (7%) bowl, with no added sugar, is a tasty breakfast idea! They taste totally luxurious with a chocolate and hazelnut flavour.

Nutritional Information


Milk protein, oat flakes (gluten), hazelnuts (7%), barley flour (gluten), salt, caramel, guar flour, flavourings, anti-caking agent: calcium phosphate, sweeteners: sucralose.

Made in France.

Milk, Hazelnut and Gluten
Nutritional information 100 g 1 serving (28 g)
Energy values 392 (g) 110 (kcal)
Energy values 1657 (g)  464 (kJ)
Fat  6.7 (g) 1.9 (g)
of which saturated 1.4 (g) 0.4 (g)
Carbohydrate  17.0 (g) 4.8 (g)
- of which sugars 2.6 (g) 0.7 (g)
Fibre  3.2 (g) 0.9 (g)
Protein 64.2 (g) 18 (g)
Salt 0.96 (g) 0.27 (g)



Mixing Instructions

Dilute the contents of the hazelnut flavoured protein porridge sachet in 80 to 100 ml of water, depending on the desired consistency. To enjoy the porridge as a hot preparation, place the contents of the sachet in a bowl and gradually pour in the hot water while stirring.