Cappuccino Protein Drink

Cappuccino Protein Drink

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Le pot Cappuccino hyperprotéiné Protifast est un format plus économique pour déguster sa préparation diététique au bon goût de café chaque matin. La composition nutritionnelle des protéines en pot est équivalente à celle du sachet saveur cappuccino.

Instant high Protein Mix Cappuccino Drink
Delicious tasting and easy to dissolve
Acceptable on VLCD / Ketogenic Diet Plans
Serving size: 26 g = 3 tablespoon.
1 tub 500 g = 19 servings approximately.


Instant high Protein Mix Cappuccino Drink. 1 tub 500 g = 19 servings approximately.

The Protifast Hot Cappuccino Drink is a high protein and low carb mix for use as part of a weight loss plan. Acceptable on VLCD and Ketogenic diet plans. No added sugar and reduce in calorie is suitable for weight loss programs. Great tasting sweet flavor in a smooth mix, dissolves easily with cold water or low fat milk.

Each serving provides 15 grams of premium protein powder and just 94 calories. Satisfy your craving for Cappuccino with our creamy goodness hot protein drink. Losing weight doesn’t mean having to give up Cappuccino. So you can add this nutritious high protein hot beverage to your diet and you will successfully lose weight 

Nutritional Information


Milk proteins ; vegetable fat preparation (coconut oil ; inulin ; fructooligosaccharide ; milk protein ; emulsifier: mono and diglycerids ; stabilizer : dipotassium phosphate ; anticaking agent : silicon dioxide) ; inulin ; coffee powder (5,7%) ; flavours ; cocoa powder ( soy lecithin) (2,3%) ; salt ; methionine ; sweetener : aspartam (contains phenylalanine) ; anti-caking agent : silicium dioxide ;  soy and sunflower lecithin.

Madi in France.

Milk and soy (see in bold). Manufactured in France on equipment that processes mustard, celery, eggs, gluten and sulfites.
Average nutritional values: Per 100g Per portion
Energy values (kcal) 361 94
Energy values (kJ) 1526 396
Fat (g) 4,8 1,25
- of which satured (g) 3,8 1,0
Carbohydrates (g)
5,9 1,5
- of which sugars (g) 2,8 0,7
- of which starch (g) 3,1 0,8
Fibre (g) 8,7 2,3
Protein (g) 69,3 18
Salt (g) 2,50 0,65
Calcium (mg) 538 140 (17,5%*)

(*) % Recommended Daily Allowance)

Amino Acids
I L-isoleucine 5.65
L L-leucine 9.84
K L-lysine 8.09
MC L-méthionine + L-cystine 4.14
FY L-phénylalanine + L-tyrosine 10.90
T L-thréonine 4.49
W L-tryptophan 1.37
V L-valine 7.20
H Histidine 3.11

Mixing Instructions

Dilute 3 doses in a bowl or shaker containing 200 ml of cold water. Mix or stir until fully dissolved. Heat the mixture (pan or microwave). Serve in a large cup and taste without delay.