Low Carb Chocolate Crunch Protein Bar

Low Carb Chocolate Crunch Protein Bar

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High Protein Chocolate Crunch Bar / 15 grams Premium Protein
Low Carb: Just 4,6 g of Carbohydrates. High Fiber (> 6 g / 100 g) 
Low sugars content (< 5 g /100 g) / Gluten free
No sugars added / Acceptable on VLCD & Ketogenic diet plans.


Protifast Low Carb Chocolate Crunch Protein Bar - Gluten Free and Keto friendly

What is striking when you discover the Protifast chocolate crispy protein bar is above all its taste. Crunchy, cocoa coated with a thin layer of chocolate, it will make you completely crack !

This dietary bar is perfectly compatible with weight loss. Indeed, at Protifast, we believe that diet should not rhyme with frustration or deprivation. So we made this delicious recipe based on soy and chocolate chips with no added sugar. Soy for a high intake of vegetable protein and chocolate for the gourmet note of course !

Low in calories, only 157 Kcal for a bar of 44 g, it contains all the necessary proteins to bring you a balanced and consistent snack. As part of your keto diet, it is even essential since the latter provides a caloric intake spread over 4 meals, which avoids cravings and gaps. With this 4th meal, you will really receive all the nutritional supplements you need in the day and especially those in protein. No need to remind you that these are the last ones that will have an appetite suppressant effect and preserve your muscle mass. Do not miss out on this delicious bar for diet !

Very handy in its individual packaging, it slips into your purse discreetly for a snack in the middle of the afternoon or in your gym bag to recharge the batteries after exercise. Do not hesitate to stop really 10 minutes to make this gourmet break a real moment of relaxation. Accompany your Crunchy-choco bar with tea or coffee (no sugar or sweetener). Because the key to good weight loss is also well-being !

Nutritional Information


Proteins blend (soy protein textured (soy protein ; tapioca starch) ; milk protein ; soy protein ; hydrolyzed gelatin) ; polydextrose ; oligofructose (chicory root extract) ; vegetable oils (RSPO* palm kernel oil, RSPO* palm oil, shea oil and sunflower oil) ; humectant : glycerin ; cocoa mass (4,3 %) ; cocoa powder (3 %) ; flavours ; cocoa butter ; emulsifiers : sunflower lecithin, mono and diglycerides ; salt ; sweeteners : sucralose, potassium acesulfam. *RSPO : Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

Made in France.

Contains milk and soy. Manufactured on equipment that processes nuts.
Average nutritional values Per 100 g Per 1 bar (44 g)
Energy  values kcal 357 157
Energy  values kJ 1487 652
Fat 14.6 (g) 6.4 (g)
- of which saturates 8.4 (g) 3.7 (g)
Carbohydrate 11.3 (g) 5.0 (g)
- of which sugars 3.5 (g) 1.5 (g)
- of which polyols 5.2 (g) 2.3 (g)
- of which starch 2.6 (g) 1.2 (g)
Dietary Fibre 26.4 (g) 11.6 (g)
Protein 34.1 (g) 15 (g)
Salt 0.80 (g) 0.35 (g)

Aminogramm / Aminogramme Essential Amino Acid Profile 

g / 100 g of proteins 







L-methionine + L-cystine 


L-phenylalanine + L-tyrosine 










Mixing Instructions

On-the-go Chocolate Protein Bar

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